As far as web design is concerned, churches have come a long way in recent years. It wasn’t too many years ago that most church websites were several years behind the times. Apparently a growing number of churches today are recognizing the importance of their web presence.

This gallery isn’t only for those who design church sites; these examples are excellent sources of inspiration for any design project. Many of them involve excellent use of color, images, and graphics that draw attention right away. In addition, most church sites have a lot of content that needs to be displayed and easily navigated. The layouts and methods used here can be applied to other projects with similar requirements.

Maybe you’re interested to take a look at the following articles:

Want to see some great church websites? This showcase features some of the best church website designs around the web. These websites were selected for their technique, visual appeal, and general awesomeness. So enjoy these 30 great church web designs.


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