If you are from a creative background, then it’s quite probable that you have a blog of your own. Do you know that just like websites, blogs also need to be unique so you can make money online? Have you ever given a thought so as to find out what is the difference between your blog and other blogs on the same niche? Designing your blog with unique content will help you to have traffic to your blog. Here are some tips to be followed!



Make it attractive.

Setting up a nicely designed but professionally sound blog is very important, also get a personal URL done. WordPress blogging platform is the most commonly used one and most of the designers would prefer that. Setting up something unique, is the challenge. You should never be in a hurry while doing a blog. Give it enough time, to produce a blog, which will have meaningful contents and will attract enough visitors.

Offer Quality Content

It may be so, that you do not have a heavy traffic in your blog now, but the long term objective is to have a host of followers. For this you have to provide good content, simple to read, but with an interesting topic which can be taken for discussion. Find out strategies that can help you to attract viewers. Mention topics which are thought provoking, such as sometimes you may mention about conceptualizing a logo for your client. Blogs should also be garnished with quality images & links.


You can start posting your blog link publicly, in case you want to advertise your blog before the public viewers. Advertising your blog will not necessarily mean that you’ll get it without any effort, and the rewards are always not immediate and beneficial.

Read blogs which are similar to that of yours, post positive comments and also contact the site administrator to get on board. You can also think of writing a guest article, in the other blog, which might be advantageous. Encourage free advertisements on your blog. Initiate and continue with creativity to make it more interesting.

Rejoice & Reap benefits

Setting up a blog is not an easy task. Generating interest so that there is maximum number of visitors on the blog, is even the more difficult. This will of course take time and therefore do not feel de-motivated. After all remember that you are a part of the creative community. Try to get some advertising on your blog, in order to generate more revenue for yourself, if possible.

Remember always that blogging is to share your own experience to the world. Therefore it should reflect your intellect and knowledge so much so, as it is meant for your audience. What other measures have you taken in order to make your personal blog successful?



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