We often see many blogger who give up on their blogging sites within 6 months, they get frustrated, and maybe their blog didn’t function as per their expectation. Definitely, blogging is not an easy job, but it necessary as mention in 8 Top Reasons Why Freelancer Needs a Blog. It’s a different ball game all together.

I would be explaining a few considerations to you, which you should consider while designing a blog. Do get back to me on your thought process regarding the same. I would be waiting for your comments! Below mentioned are top 5 reasons to consider while designing a blog, and why so many bloggers fail within six months before they can make money online.



1. Duration

New blogger usually consider a 6 month period to judge their success. Of-course when you receive little response on your blog, a 6 month period feels like eternity. But ironically, 6 months is too short a period to judge your success. It’s a year of hard work and dedication after which you get to see a major growth, a dense community of regular users of your blog. Gradually you learn the mantra of success!
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2. Definition of success

There are different ways of measuring success for a blogger. Few of these parameters include:

  • Community traffic
  • Comment counts
  • Communication from readers
  • Banner ads sold
  • RSS Subscribers
  • Traffic
  • Likes on social networking sites
  • Financial increase

So, you see, taking into account the vast number of success parameters, you might just not know, but your blog is a success! Try to define success and set smart goals for yourself.
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3. Banner advertisement sales

The new bloggers target the banner ads sales as a sole means for the purpose of monetization. They define success by the money they make from their blog. But here’s a catch!! The banner advertisements can’t really yield good money. Advertisers will be ready to pay you great money for an ad on your site, provided your site gets huge viewer traffic and there are hundreds of thousands of page views of your site. You will necessarily have to think of other creative methods for revenue generation, like, some product sales or other affiliate sales.
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4. Consistent operations on your blog

Consistency and regularity are the keywords here. Your readers look forward to your timely schedule. It’s a competitive market, there are millions of designer blogs for people to connect to, so if you do not blog on a regular basis maintaining the schedule, you won’t be able to hold people’s dependency on you. Be consistent with your writing schedule, decide which days you wish to write, try maintaining a schedule, like publishing posts on every Monday, Wednesday & Friday. Then may be a comic on Saturday. Be creative too with your schedules.
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5. A super-niche formula

Formulate a super-niche space for yourself! This is one of the most important aspects of a successful blog. Designer bloggers feel that blogging is all about logo design, print design or web-design, it’s much more than that! Carve a niche for your blog, a super-niche that you will stick to and make that your unique selling point! Think about your super-niche mantra. What is Chris Spooner’s super-niche – Tutorials! David Airey’s – Logos. Could you think about your super-niche yet??
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