Some of the most common goals that I see with my clients are to get in shape by going to the gym or losing weight, achieve more balance in their lives – spending more time with the family and less time at work, or improve their finances – like becoming debt-free.

In working with clients, I’ve seen what makes a difference and have distilled them down to five key points. I use the acronym REACH. 5 Key Points of REACHing New Year Resolutions for entrepreneur.


Make the goals realistic – Ambitious goals are great, but they should be achievable, meant to start small and build on successes.


Envision a vivid picture of what reaching this goal will mean for you. Reflect on that mental image regularly to serve as your target. And if you get off track, don’t let that derail you – We all have missteps along the way to lasting change. Just remember why this is so important to you and get back onto the program!


Focus your attention. All too often we see people set 4 or 5 big goals. The chances of keeping on track for all or even most of them is slim at best. It’s better to target one or at most, two goals, that you can really commit to and mean the most to you.


Set interim milestones early-on, and compensate or reward yourself a meaningful reward for achieving each. These don’t have to be big or elaborate. Something as simple as putting $5 into a lay-away fund toward that new outfit you’re going to buy when you achieve your weight loss target can be a powerful motivator.


You’re not alone – friends, family, peers, co-workers… There are many people out there who will want to help. Declaring your intentions is a powerful start. Ask them to help with encouragement and reminders, and a swift kick in the “aspiration” when needed. Here, a coach or trainer can be very effective as an external and very focused motivator.

Taking Action is Key to Achieving Your Goals

With the tips  above, you should be more prepared to take action in order to achieve your New Year resolutions and goals. Stop procrastinating, apply the tips above and start working towards your goals. Nothing beats taking action on your plans.

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