Nowadays there are many cases of highly specialized individuals that prefer working from home. Much more, many companies accepted the idea of working from home…it is a real growing trend. Definitely, the Internet and the way of working evolved and it seems that freelancing won’t be dead in the near future.

There are tons or marketers, small business and surely a freelancer will may hire one to advice in how to market his services. A quality adviser is expensive and I am not sure that everyone allows himself the luxury of hiring a real expert. In these conditions, instead of paying a marketer, why don’t try yourself to market your skills? It sounds a little bit overcomplicated to work on the two fronts, but in practice, it isn’t so difficult. In order to help you, I want to describe the main chapters of a marketing plan that may help you in attracting more and important clients.




1. Quality Portfolio

It costs nothing to say that a quality portfolio is mandatory, but to practically do it is the real issue. In spite of this, any designer that indeed cares about his future will try all his best in making a stand apart portfolio. Three aspects are vital in the overall success of a portfolio: eye-catching, well tailored and exhibit only the best items.

2. Establish an Own Image Around You

Each person has his own personality and a freelancer should let people know his mentality, approach, and way of working. More exactly, a freelancer must have a direction to follow, he may be an individual that takes only small size projects, but another one may be specialized on more complicated and complex tasks. The same, there are freelancers that ask for very big amounts of money and invest all their potential in just few projects, while others prefer “smaller, but more fish”.

Personally, I think that any freelancer should follow his specificity…he must attack a very targeted segment. It’s true, in this case the potential customers are fewer, but clearly, it’s tenfold times easier to transform them into real clients.

3. Create Buzz with Social Media

A good marketing strategy supposes not only to have the guest post promoted via social media, but also the writer should be active on various social networks. Facebook and Twitter are almost mandatory but someone interested in his future will have an active profile on LinkedIn. People are addictive with social networks, spend a lot of time on Facebook and other social networks, sometimes without a special purpose and the job of someone interested in self marketing is to capture their attention. Yep, the marketing via social media is deprecated but it can’t be ignored. Read also, How To Get People To Notice You Online.

4. Offer Giveaways

Everytime, everywhere, everyone will appreciate the altruist people and it’s written in our DNA to help the community. It’s a smart marketing strategy to offer, from time to time, giveaways; usually these create enough buzz that compensate the effort invested in creating the respective giveaway. Fortunately, there are tons of blogs ready to present and give to the readers your “gift”, therefore you may contact some blog owners. The good news is that you may find even websites that help in creating relationships between sponsors ready to offer a giveaway and publishers ready to make content their readers.

5. Writing Guest Posts

The intrinsic idea of marketing is to let people know that you exist, you provide some specific services and these are qualitative. A very good solution to inform people about you and your skills is to write guest posts. It’s simple and effective: you contact some blog owners, email them a good post and it will be published. Usually, the guest posts have a short bio presenting the author and here you may offer some modalities of getting in touch with you. A good post will be appreciated and shared on various social networks and in this way, the author will benefit from good exposure. Check also Internet Marketing Techniques For The Beginner.

6. Establish a Clear Standards

Everyone wants fast results but a healthy self-marketing strategy can’t satisfy this condition. Anyway, anyone that avoids superficiality will understand that a brand can’t be created in just few weeks. In conclusion is very important to set up very clear standards to follow across time. These must be the base of an ethic behavior and should contain some checkpoints to have an idea about your progress.

7. Stay Updated With The Latest News

All the above tips are very important and are the pillars of a sustainable self-marketing strategy. Unfortunately, there is a single mistake that may instantly ruin all the marketing endeavors: ignoring the news in the activity field. It’s capital to be updated with the latest news, to have very good skills…in fact to be a real expert in what you are doing. Keep in mind: you can’t market something that is poor quality!

I really hope that this mini guide will help you in better marketing your skills but don’t forget, you should be a very good expert before following a marketing strategy, else all the endeavors are just a waste of time!

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