Maria Grønlund‘s work is significantly characterized by her passion for striking colors. There are many good reasons why saturated colors might be the right choice for a company logo and corporate identity. Fresh sparkling colors are life-affirming and a symbol of happiness and unworried joy.

Bright saturated colors also attract attention, even from a distance. Colorful logos as seen on all Logo Lounge books are a great way to get people to notice a brand while passing by a company, store, product or advertising sign. It’s a phenomenon we know from nature. Flowers bloom in intense, lush colors to attract and seduce insects, while fruits and berries flourish in zesty, delicious tones that makes them absolutely irresistible to grab and eat.

As mention in Logo Design Love, colors are often the fastest and most direct way to communicate. If a large spectrum of colors is used for a logo, it can be a way to indicate that a company offers a wide range of products or services. In addition, a logo in different color versions can be a simple way to differentiate sub-brands under one main brand.



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