Graphic Design doesn’t always talk about branding, logos, typography, web, or images. Graphic design was also closely associated with marriage. Yes! Believe it or not, if you are not married, at least one day you will need a graphic design to design your wedding invitations. So what are the links between graphic design and wedding?


Wedding invitations

Wedding invitations basically only contains information about the place and date of marriage (after all it is just an invitation). But over time, wedding invitations is more than just “invite”, it tells a lot about things aesthetic of a marriage.




It is like branding a company, and can even show the social classes. Here are some beautiful wedding invitation designs from various graphic designers. 13 Beautiful Wedding Invitations and 38 Unique Wedding Invitations.


Visual Documentation

Photography and graphic design are the two professions which are closely related, are both selling the idea to come up with a polished aesthetic appeal to produce a beautiful wedding photography. The process through which the work is also similar, both require knowledge and techniques honed continuously, and based on experience and aesthetic values that grow by the process that has been achieved.




Certainly there are many more graphic design role in a wedding, especially because it is a sacred moment that made at least once in a lifetime. Of course every couple wants the moment to be the best moment. What do you think about this?


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