Most freelancers often fail to lower their workload and increase their revenue. You may often have to cater to the myriad needs of the demanding clients and you may often be pressed for time. In this case you can either refuse the task or you can refer them to a person you know who is equipped to undertake the assignment. This often leads to wonderful outsourcing options.

But what outsourcing is?

Outsourcing means delegating the task to another individual in case you are not able to cope with the workload or do not have the complete skills for the same.



When should you outsource?

This is a cause of great dispute. Some designers believe that if you are not able to cope with the work then you need to give him a reference and forget about it. In case your loyal patron asks you for these services then it is tough to turn him down and hence you can outsource the work. You could use the expertise of other designers and freelancers to complete the client’s requirements. This is a win-win situation where you can maintain relations with the client and the outsourced freelancer too.

Effectively outsourcing your design work

  1. Launch your freelance company: This is the very first step you must take and start looking for clients. Once you have registered the business ensure that you work to make this business a success.
  2. Look for good clients: Once you have set up your business you need to try to look for customers who will be able to make your business grow. Often clients belong to large business houses where there is a lot of workload and clients often require the services of a web designer or developer. You need to have regular workload before you can speak to other freelancers.
  3. Make new ties: once you have completed the ground work you need to form a good network of people. Try meeting people whose skills compliment yours. This will widen your avenues. You can make good connections via social networking sites. You can also post messages to your followers and request them for information through any online form. You can find numerous freelancers who would be keen to work with you. Ensure that you cross check their credentials and their work and their area of expertise.
  4. Prepare a bid or a delegate: After you have a wide network then you can start delegating the excess work to whom you find are competent to handle the work. You can also send out a bid request and inform the freelancers about the type of work, you can then request them to bid for the project. Ask for the details about the timeframe and the costing. You can then finalize the person you deem the most suitable.
  5. Be a mediator between the client and the freelancer: once you have outsourced the task, you need to act like a manager and interact between the client and the freelancer and ensuring that the project is completed well on time.
  6. Clear the dues on time: The final part is to plan out the details of the payment. Ensure that the client has received all the deliverables and also clear the dues of the freelancer immediately. At times freelance designers hesitate to take their share for projects but remember that you have worked hard in coordinating the project completion process.

Things to bear in mind

Freelancers who wish to start outsourcing need to be aware of the actual reasons for doing so. Never get so involved in the management aspect that you actually have no time left for designing yourself. You enjoy designing so ensure that you yourself handle some of your projects. The next thing you need to bear in mind is to treat your freelancer with respect and have faith in their suggestions. Try to co ordinate with them and get the best output.

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