Going to a business school helps, and as it is believed that if you have never been to the business school even once, you have not learn the art of marketing. This is also applicable for technical & creative arts, and failure in marketing your services is the main reason, why freelancers suffer.




Maybe, you are adept in production work, but you are not so adept in marketing. Therefore, it is impossible for you to reach out and make your customers understand that how your services can be beneficial. Take a look at the following tips, in order to follow a healthy marketing program.

Begin With What You Really Do

Make the message clear! This is the keyword. Clients should know, what you actually do. Your production work may restrict yourself to creating a logo, web design or any other graphic. But is that what you are actually doing? Differentiate yourself, and that will definitely give you an advantage.

So what you really do?

Try to understand your existing clients. Also try to learn about their activity. Are they project-managers, who work under a tough schedule? Therefore, they can be dependent on you, as such. You might for instance be handling some design work for a design agency, which might be responsible for generating additional revenue for them. Or else your operation can also involve other freelancers who work together to cater to a large customer base.

Create The Message

In case you are designing sites, logos or any other graphics, that is a part of the branding content for the company, then you are also directly involved with the brand promotion efforts. Therefore promote your blog, website or any other related platform accordingly. Make others understand how your services can be beneficial and how you can add value within a competitive cost.

Let’s take this business model, wherein you help small managed enterprises to get to their customers. You design sites which are professional, but has a humane touch, and therefore have created a niche for yourself in helping them gaining the market.

Spread The Message

Not only creating the message, reaching out to the market through the message, is what counts! Therefore post your advertisement, wherever possible. Social networking sites are even more helpful as they help in gaining large viewers. Keep on harping continuously to your audience. This will definitely have a positive impact. You may have your customers reading your blog today, but there is every possibility that they come back to you after six or eight months or even a year! But do not lose hope. You’ll get your customer, if you consistently prove your presence in the market.

The Bottom Line

Once your advertisement has been viewed consistently, and you have proved your presence, take an attempt to change your message. Take some time to showcase your clients find out their requirements, understand their future needs and make your message more receptive. The ultimate objective is to create a relationship, which is long term and sustainable. Mutually beneficial, in the long run your business offers are bound to get you revenue.

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