Opportunity doesn’t knock at your door only once. Wishing you had chosen a more functional MacBook? This tablet keyboard case won’t make you regret purchasing the iPad 2. Wishing you had enough money to shell out for the original Clamcase? The iPad 2 NoteBook Case is a budget-friendly solution.

Answer the knock on your door, and here is what you’ll get… Minus the carbon fiber material and 360-degree tablet stand display, the NoteBook Case is similar to the Original Clamcase, in that with a simple flip of its lid the iPad 2 is instantly in laptop mode. The design is made of hard plastic, with black Chiclet keys and a brushed aluminum-like surface that will give your device the appearance of a MacBook. There is even a circular cutout on the lid for the Apple insignia to show through, minus the glowing effect once the tablet is powered on. Buy and read more here.

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