A unique skateboard deck design by Emil Boards, a small skateboard brand founded in 2013 by a couple of friends from Munich, Germany with a great passion for skateboarding and surfing. After a first series of handmade prototypes, they decided to collaborate with a professional skateboard manufacturer.

Square shape, no convex, no concave, no rocker, no camber. Emil is a board with wheels, not more, but by no means less! The Emil Boards are available in different colors or in a simple maple look, called “Doc Brown”. If you want to ride along the sidewalks on one of these stylish boards, then do not hesitate and visit the Emil boards website: www.emilboards.com


skateboard-desktop-wallpaper Underside-of-the-maple-wood-skateboard minimalist-custom-design-skateboard rectangular-skateboard-deck logo-on-wood side-view-skateboard-deck unique-skateboard-deck-design

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