I had fixed up an 8 am appointment with my dentist as I had to attend a client call at 9 am. Unfortunately my dentist reached 40minutes late and I was already 14 minutes behind schedule for my meeting. After reaching home I immediately sent him an email saying that I was ready for his call. Ironically as soon as I received the meeting mail the power supply went off and I was left high and dry. I had to send an email to my customer from my phone and apologize for the inconvenience. But I had no clue what to do next.

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Moreover, I had no clue when the power supply would be restored and hence I did take a short nap. However I had a lot of workload which I wished to complete.

So as a designer what you must do in the absence of power? First of all arrange for a candle and intimate your customers about the situation if you have anything scheduled. Then you can start to:

Sketch project ideas

You can do this with whatever details you have. Try to doodle at logo designs or plan the layout of the poster. Sketching helps to work on wonderful ideas.

Clear the clutter

Although you cannot vacuum, you still can rearrange the files and clear the clutter as you were hoping to do when the time permits. Rearrange your drawer and try to tidy up the place a bit. A clutter free desk will help you to think with better clarity.

Prepare a marketing plan

Plan your marketing strategy for the coming months. Plan on the topics you wish to focus on. Plan the role of social media to reach your target and decide on the frequency with which you will publish the content. You can use this time to take note of your business progress.

Unleash your creativity

Solve a puzzle or enjoy playing with play dough or clay. Take some time off with your kids or your pets. Be geared up and refreshed to get back to work once the power supply is restored.

Indulge yourself

Follow a healthy routine and take advantage of the time you have got in hand. Catch up on some reading or take a stroll with your spouse. You can also enjoy a treat with your kids.

This relaxed time you have got will help you to work wonders and be at your creative best.

The last word

With storms and other disasters causing the complete cut off of the power supply, you may have to deal with power failures for a very long time. You need to make the most of this time so that you can increase your productivity later.

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