Building up a solid business requires a wide variety of marketing strategies, including old-fashion methods of getting your name out to the public— which includes using business cards to spread your brand. Roughly 10 billion business cards are printed each year, according to The large number of cards created each year suggests companies still find the cards useful for many different reasons.

Keeping the Meeting Formal

Passing out business cards has traditional significance to potential customers or business partners you meet face to face. Exchanging business cards is a way to make the meeting formal. If the individual you met with needs services your company provides, a business card helps the potential client remember your discussion.

Meeting an individual face to face is different than gathering readers on a blog or social networking website, since remembering the name of an individual and the business requires a cue. In this case, a business card is the perfect solution.

Promoting the Business

Business cards are more than just small notes with your name and contact information. They are methods of promoting your business and getting your name out to others. They are even more memorable when they’re designed uniquely. Word of mouth is a powerful marketing tool, and your business card allows others to share your business.

Hand out your business card whenever you meet a new individual. Talk about the services or products your business provides. Create memorable cards through professional printing services such as Overnight Prints, since a professional printer can customize your cards according to your business needs.

Making Contacts Overseas

Setting up a business that reaches the global market requires some consideration for traditions in other locations. In certain countries, your business card is an essential element of meeting new clients. For example, meeting potential clients or business partners in Japan requires a business card to observe the etiquette of the country, states

Observing the traditions and social niceties of other countries may require an appropriate business card. If you are not sure about the proper language for the card, have the information printed in English on one side, and the language of the other country on the other. This ensures every individual you meet abroad is able to read and understand your card.

Building Your Book of Business

Building up your book of business is another reason business cards are still useful. Promoting your business requires efforts that make you stand out. Since many businesses are focusing on online marketing strategies, taking the extra effort to provide business cards will set you apart in the pack.

The goal of a business card is getting individuals to add you to their list of contacts and to help you make new contacts. A card serves its purpose the second an individual adds you to their contact list. It is a method of getting attention so you have new contacts for the future, even if the person you handed the card to does not need your services when you meet them.

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