YO! Sushi is a place where people can experience a true taste of modern Tokyo. And in this project, the creative team of London based studio & SMITH partnered with YO! Sushi to refine their brand strategy and refresh the existing look and feel.

The restaurant brand idea and menu launch campaign centered around the theme of ‘This is Tokyo’ as a concept. All of YO’s tasty foods are inspired by Japanese classics, both street food and homemade dishes. Studio & SMITH’s design solution takes cues from Japanese anime and manga culture with the addition of a more modern, pop art inspired touch. They didn’t have to dumb anything down. The design team of & SMITH introduced Kanji script to menu and made sure all sections were named as they would be in Tokyo.

Display-stand-for-restaurant tshirt-design-for-restaurant-staff creative-wallpaper-ideas-for-restaurant japanese-restaurant-menu-with-illustration sushi-bar-and-japanese-restaurant-brand-identity

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